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“Aamantran- Seamless transition from home to nature”.
It is where life is lived with the blessings of Nature. When you stay at Aamantran stays, you stay in complete solitude, rejuvenating in nature’s calmness, and enveloping yourself in its serenity. The breathtaking views around the stay makes you feel the unspoiled nature and create a magical ambience of awe and gratitude for its bounties. Unlike any resort and hotel "Aamantran Stays" is at once your home the time you step into it.

It relieves you of your stresses and tajes you away from the din of the city. The stays is a welcome place for all people be it couples, families, friends, backpackers, nature lovers, bird watchers, bikers, or dare devils. Everyone comes here for a reason of their own, but where staying with us on one hand offers patrons a unique opportunity of experiencing staying in the hills along with our family, it also gives them complete privacy and solitude. Its home away from home - nature through your window”

Aamantran Stays

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Aamantran USP

Hill Station of Shoghi

Hill Station have been the Traditional answer to a Traveller’s Desire for Peace.

Tired of jostling, fast paced city life, pollution, honking, long working hours and hectic schedules need some refreshing break? Why would you choose to stay in the city, greasy-nosed and stuck in a sweaty rut, when you have the option of waking up in the mountains. Well, a short memorable and refreshing break in the hills can set the tempo right. And what can be a better place than the virgin hill station called Shoghi.

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Place of Interest

Tara Devi Temple, Dudhadhari Mata Temple, Sankat Mochan Temple, Viceroy Regal Lodge, Himalayan Bird Park, Shimla State Museum, Glen, The Army Heritage Museum, Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurudwara,The Ridge/The Mall/Lakkar Bazaar, The Christ Church, St. Michael's Cathedral, Johnnie's Wax Museum, Kalibari Temple, The Gorton Castle, etc.

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ECO - Friendly Practices

At Aamantran Stays we strive for the eco friendly practices and we’re just as passionate about nature and its beauty as you are. Today, it is all about beautiful and peaceful vacation with the nature. We believe that it is our responsibility to ourselves, and for our future generations to do our bit for Mother Nature. We must also make efforts to keep looking for innovations and initiatives that can help conserve our social resources. We know our efforts can have an impact on our environment. Aamantran is an Eco Friendly Habitat.

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Frequently asked Questions

Aamantran Seamless transition from home to nature. Perched on a hill near the British Heritage Toy Train track in Shoghi, Shimla. Away from the din of the fast paced city life, it is surrounded by orchards of apple, plum, peaches while giving you breathtaking views of the hills that surround it. It is an ideal place for nature lovers for whom it will be a seamless transition from home to nature in the same unit. One can enjoy listening to the chirping of birds and the whistling of the wind, while treading on the lovely forest walks with homemade food. All this at a very reasonable price.

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