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“ At Aamantran ”

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Cycling near Aamantran Stays

Cycling in the hills in the natural surroundings is an amazing experience. Experiencing Shoghi, Shimla on two wheels is an experience of a lifetime- less vehicular traffic, clean air and a view to remember comes naturally no matter what kind of road or route you pick. Rent a bicycle from the hotel and go cycling in the evening around the village.

Cycling near Aamantran Stays

  Aamantran Stays to Shoghi Railway Station (1.5 Km one side)
  Aamantran Stays to Tara Devi Temple (4.5 Km one side)
  Aamantran Stays to Brookside Estate (9 Km one side)
  Aamantran Stays to Sankat Mochan Temple (8 Km one side on NH 5)


  Save the planet- Go Green!!!
  You can get fit without trying too hard.
  Relieves anxiety and stress.

  Reducing mental health disorders.
  Makes you happy.
  Reduce risk of Diabetes and cholesterol.

  Increase muscle tones.
  Less noise pollution.
  See the world and the surroundings through different eyes.